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Pinot Noir Envy

FIND OUT WHAT THE FUSS IS ALL ABOUT. PINOT NOIR IS A DELICIOUS RED WINE YOU SHOULD BE TRYING RIGHT NOW! Pinot Noir, pronounced pee-noh nwahr, is the most provocative, fickle, and mysterious varietal grown. The challenge is rooted in Pinot’s precise needs ... Click here to read more.


WHAT IS A SUPER TUSCAN? Definition Super Tuscan is an unofficial category of Tuscan wines that does not adhere to the traditional Italian wine classification system. It is usually a luxury wine of small production, combining the best of Italian traditions such as ... Click here to read more.


GETTING TO KNOW MERLOT Flavor Profile: Merlot is often described as having the flavors of plums, blackberry, black cherry, herbs, and mocha. Merlot is softer tasting than Cabernet Sauvignon due to having less tannins. It is a smooth, dry, medium-bodied, fruit-forward red wine, ... Click here to read more.